Sunday, June 7, 2009

M1 High Definition Cosmetics

M1 High Definition Cosmetics

MJ Studios feels that all women should have access to high quality cosmetics. That is why our M1 High Definition Cosmetics are a makeup artist quality product created for the everyday consumer. This line provides product that can create a wide variety of looks that range from the everyday, simple and natural beauty to sheer over the top glamour. We are currently developing product for this line, but we are so excited about it that we couldn’t wait to share some of the fabulous things we will be bringing to you.

The High Definition Cosmetics line will include products such as:

· HD SETTING POWDER – a colourless powder suited for all ages and ethnicity.
· HD LID PRIMER – prepare your eyes for shadow with our lid primer. Keep your eye shadow vibrant and crease-free all day by applying our HD lid primer before you apply your eye makeup.
· HD FACE PRIMER – Just what you need to keep your makeup in place all day.
· SPARKLE LIQUID AND PENCIL EYELINERS – Quality pencils designed to define and shape your eyes.
· HD LOOSE SHADOWS – Regardless of the look you want to create, you are certain to find a shadow to suit your needs.

We have carefully selected product ingredients to maintain our integrity with the M2 Virtuous Minerals line. All ingredients will be clearly listed, as we have nothing to hide.


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