Friday, June 7, 2013

MJ's Summer Tips

With the warmth of the summer's sun fast approaching, many of us prefer to limit the use of our cosmetics to escape makeup melt down.

Keep in mind that unlike traditional liquid foundations, our VIRTUOUS MINERALS resist makeup meltdown due to their natural, amazing benefits and are perfect for providing adequate "natural" sun protection due to the quality of the ingredients we have chosen.

*natural sun protectant *breathable *water and sweat resistant properties* able to customize your coverage*worry free, all day wear

Our minerals have been tested and rated in laboratory tests to provide an SPF of 20-25.  For your personal education, the ingredients that provide natural sun protection are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

On this note, MJ recommends using a quality sunscreen in addition to applying your Virtuous Minerals on a daily basis.  In her opintion, "sun protection is an essential and absolutely critical part of your skincare routine."  During the summer months if you find that your skin has enough moisture, you may opt to eliminate your morning moisturizer or argan oil and simply use a quality sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and our virtuous minerals.  Follow your normal nightly skincare routine.

Many sunscreens feel heavy and greasy on the face so they deter daily use.  To eliminate the heaviness, MJ recommends using a sunscreen specified for facial use and in a lotion formula rather than cream.  She refers many of her clients to her favourite sunscreen, CLAIRINS UV PLUS DAY SCREEN.

With the recent BB cream craze, MJ also recommends "pushing your virtuous minerals to the limit" by transforming and creating your very own BB Cream version using your virtuous minerals.

Regina Area Clients....Free Delivery!

The MJ Studios Collection is no longer available at the Polka Dot Door in Regina.

We are currently finalizing retailership at a new hair salon scheduled to open by the end of July in the Regina Warehouse District.

Watch the facebook page and website for details.

In the meantime, we are offering free delivery on all Regina client orders through the end of July. 

Visit the website for more information, pro-artist tips and to shop the collection.


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