Monday, December 19, 2011

M2 Virtuous Minerals Radiant Powder Foundation Application Tips

General Application

Our M2 Virtuous Minerals Radiant Powder Foundations are essentially four products in one: treatment, sun protection, foundation and concealer.

Our minerals come safety sealed with a clear tab sealing the shaker holes. We suggest that you do not remove this safety seal. Instead, use a pair of tweezers or a sharp-ended object to punch or poke through all the holes.

To begin the application process, ensure that your face is clean and moisturised. Also, ensure that your moisturiser is completely absorbed prior to application.

Open the shaker lid and lightly tap the shaker on the lid 4 times to disperse product. This usually gives you just the right amount of powder for a complete face application. Keep in mind a little product goes a long way. Depending on how often you use them, our 8-gram containers should last an average of 8 to 24 months and have a shelf life of 48 months. Compare this to most liquid foundations on the market, which expire within 12 months, and last an average of 3 to 6 months. Although, our Radiant Minerals are an initial investment they are extremely cost effective in the long run, not to mention naturally beautiful, healthy and free of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Swirl the product from the lid onto our Fiber Optic Kabuki Brush. Our kabuki brush is specially designed to work effectively with our minerals. The fibers grab and hold the product until you start the application process.

Next, gently swirl the kabuki to the outer corners and up to the top of the forehead. Always go left to right, or start at the middle of the face and swirl outward. This disperses the product evenly and allows light to play in your favour. As our minerals have natural coverage and allow light to pass through the skin, using this method diffuses and softens facial lines or wrinkles. The light scatters to the outside of the face rather focusing on the line. This method of application creates a more youthful, uplifting appearance.

Continue moving down the face, using the same technique until the entire face is evenly covered. If you feel more coverage is necessary, tap twice on the shaker to disperse more minerals. Be sure to swirl the kabuki around the nose area, and as well around and over the lip area.

When applying to the eyelid area, close your eye, start closest to the nose and swirl outward to the temple. Move down to underneath of the eye area using the same method.

If you require extra coverage around the eye, nose or any other part of the face; we suggest using our Multi-Purpose Blender Brush. The head and fibers of this brush allow for a more accurate, precise application. Use the same swirling method for application.

If you require "camouflage" concealing, disperse a small amount of minerals in either the shaker lid or the palm of your hand. Lightly spray the Multi-Purpose Blender Brush with any natural mineral water facial spray (i.e. Evian) then swirl the product onto the brush. You will note the consistency of the mineral is now heavier, but should not be like liquid. Gently "tap" the brush in rapid movements until desired coverage is achieved.

Oily skin types

Depending on how oily your skin type is we recommend using the same "general application" technique but adding 2 taps of our Mineral Primer and Setting powder to your Mineral Powder Foundation. Another option is to prime the face with 2 to 4 taps of Mineral Primer and Setting Powder PRIOR to the application of our Radiant Minerals. You can also combine both oily skin application techniques to maximize oil absorption.

HD Rice Setting Powder

Our HD Rice Powder can be applied by using the round powder applicator provided with the powder, our Fiber Optic Kabuki Brush, or our Multi-Purpose Blender Brush. Use the applicator of your choice and press the powder in facial areas that require extra oil absorption such as the t-zone, cheeks, forehead, or nose. Lightly sweep over the entire face to set our radiant powder minerals.

Use our HD Pressed Rice Powder alone to control shine from excess oil throughout the day. Use it to freshen the appearance of your skin throughout the day without looking or feeling dry or cakey. Packaged for convenience, it is the ultimate "take me with you" product.

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