Thursday, December 15, 2011

MJ Studios Pro Cosmetics Specialty Brush Collection

Invest in your beauty tools - 
size, shape and quality count!

Using the proper tools for specific tasks is essential and quality brushes make all the difference. Application has never been easier with our Specialty Brush Collection. All of our 9 specialty brushes are CRUELTY FREE, 100% synthetic and hand chosen by MJ to ensure that you achieve the ultimate cosmetic application.
Why MJ chose cruelty free?
  • Animals are not harmed or killed to gather their fur
  • Achieves cleaner, softer lines when applying our M1 & M2 cosmetics
  • Fibers/bristles tend to be softer and more suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Non shedding
  • Holds pressed color and pigments better
  • Easier to clean and dries quicker
  • Our handles come from managed wood reforestation programs

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Fiber Optic Kabuki Brush – achieve the quickest, easiest and smoothest application of our Radiant Mineral Foundation, or our priming and setting powders with our amazing Kabuki. The gentle, extremely soft, fiber optic bristles grab just the right amount of product to distribute pressed or loose powders evenly for a flawless application. This Kabuki does not skip a beat!

Fiber Optic Blush Brush – Precise oval shaped head for exact positioning of blush and contouring products. Specially designed head, follows the apples of cheeks, allowing you to enhance your facial structure naturally. As with all of our brushes, the fibers hold blush pigments until you put them in place.

Fiber Optic Fan Brush – Achieve a perfectly highlighted or contoured face. The precise size and shape easily molds cheekbones and defines angles of the face and neck. This brush can also be used to lightly dust the décolleté area.

Multi-Purpose Blender Brush – Blending your eye products is the essence of a clean, professionally applied eye. Use our blender brush to achieve flawless blending or to apply a wash of complete eye color from lid to brow bone. Highly recommended for the precise application of our M2 Radiant Mineral Foundations to smaller, targeted areas of the face. This brush can be used wet or dry.

Multi-Purpose Brush – Precise application head for exact placement of products. This "do everything" brush can be used to apply concealer, eye shadows, lipsticks or to line the eyes. You name it; this brush can do it!

Fiber Optic Oval Shadow Brush – The BEST eye shadow brush you will ever use! Naturally shaped for the oval of an eye or the arch of a brow bone, this shadow brush easily follows the eye contour. This multi-purpose brush allows you to apply eye products from the lid to brow bone. As with all of our brushes, the fibers hold loose and pressed shadow pigments until you put them in place. Can be used wet or dry and works excellent to smooth and blend shadows.

Fiber Optic Pointed Shadow Brush – Easily molds to the eye crease allowing for precise “no slip” application. As with all our brushes, the fibers hold mineral and shadow pigments until you put them in place. This brush can be used wet or dry and is excellent to smooth and blend eye shadows.

Slanted Crease Brush - We are all about options and that is just what this brush gives you! Angle cut to allow for precise crease positioning. This precise design fits perfectly when placed horizontally along the lash line to find and define the eye crease. Works excellent when used vertically to apply a wash of color from the lash line to crease.

Brow and Lash Brush –Two tools in one create perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows. Use the wand side to groom and perfect blending of brow powders. Use the brush side to fill and shape the brow area. The wand side can also be used on eyelashes to comb through excess mascara or for mascara application.

Excel and perfect your application technique with our Specialty Brush Collection!

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